Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort is the home of Master Mantak Chia, who has taught the Universal Healing Tao System worldwide to thousands of students. Every year, retreats are held at Tao Garden so students can learn the Taoist practices and instructors can be certified. Plan your visit to Tao Garden as your first step to a better life in the Tao.

Tao Garden is also a high-quality, full-service health spa and clinic where you can relax, have spa massage treatments, consult with resident doctors and take healing treatments at the Certified Clinic. There is a full list of health treatments available, from basic massage to Taoist massages and treatments.

Located just north of Chiang Mai, Thailand at the foothills of the Southeastern Himalayan mountains, Tao Garden is surrounded by lush vegetation and is conducive to contemplation, meditation, chi kung, tai chi and other spiritual internal exercises. There is a full range of facilities, including the famous Whole Food Kwan Yin Dining Hall, swimming pool, exercise rooms, meditation halls, tai chi fields and much more.

Female Healing on How to Develop Inner Beauty and Outer Radiance 17 – 23 May 2015 A course on How to Develop inner Beauty and outer Radiance. The time tested Taoist female practices and meditations regulate the hormone production in the body,


Men’s Health Retreat UHT Sun 17 th – Sat 23 th May 2015 Man Health Retreat UHT practices, Iron Shirt Qi Gong I, Microcosmic Orbit, Healing Love, Multiorgasmic Man, Bone Marrow Nei Kung. In this seminar Walter is teaching breathing exercises,


Chi Nei Tsang I (Certification), Organ Detox Treatment 24 – 30 May 2015 Chi Nei Tsang I is a Chinese term for an internal organ Chi massage which helps release stress and promotes healing by using techniques of massage directly over the navel and surrounding abdominal area where stress, tension and negative emotions accumulate and congest. In the West


Tai Chi I, Iron Shirt I, and Basic Universal Tao Core Practices Sun 24 th – Sat 30 th May 2015 In this course we will learn the Tai Chi Qigong 1 form. It is a slow-moving form that improves blood circulation, balance, and overall health. We will focus on learning how to feel qi during the50


Work Shop by GMC & Sunwei 23-26 Feb 2015, The Basic Retreat is training for beginners and those desiring a review of first essentials.


Chi Nei Tsang II: Chasing the Winds (Certification) 31 May – 06 Jun 2015 Chi Nei Tsang II uses the elbow Technique, working primarily with the trapped winds of the body. These can become sick or evil winds which can lead to heart attack if not released. The student will learn about the Twelve Winds,


Tai Chi Chi Kung II ( Tai Chi FaJin, Yang Style) Discharge Form, Tan Tien Chi Kung and Basic Universal Tao Core Practices Sun 31 st May – Sat 6 th June 2015 Tai Chi Chi Kung II: Use the discharge technique to absorb and transmit the Universal and Earth Forces in this higher level of moving meditation.


Tai Chi III (Wu Style) Elixir Chi Kung & Basic Universal Tao Core Practices 07 th – 13 th June2015 Tai Chi Wu Style is the advanced level moving meditation using twisting and leaning techniques to open Qua and Sacrum transmitting the Cosmic Forces. It is medium-paced meditation form that focuses on gentle tendon stretches. Wu Tai Chi


Integration: NLP, Chi Kung & Spirituality – Keys to Success
July3 – July11, 2015


Week 1: Inner Alchemy Basic Level I Retreat July Sun 12 – Sat 18, 2015 The Basic Retreat is training for beginners and intermediate level practitioners, and those desiring a review of first essentials. This week is devoted to reviewing & mastering the Microcosmic Orbit, Six Healing Sounds, Cosmic Inner Smile, Chi Self-Massage, 6 Directions, Iron Shirt Chi


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