Fall Promotion Today - October 31, 2014

Promotion Rooms Rates
• Stay 4 Nights Pay 3 Nights
• Stay 7 Nights Pay 5 Nights
• Stay 10 Nights Pay 7 Nights
• Stay 14 Nights Pay 10 Nights
One Free Darkfield Live Blood Analysis
Complimentary transportation service from Chiang Mai to Tao Garden (one way)
* Promotion Rate is not valid for Retreat Participants

Spa Promotion: Detoxifying and Refreshing

The Life Force Massage is effective for releasing tensions in the chest and respiratory muscles to improve breathing and vital energy. After a full body pressure-pint massage, a hot Thai herbal compression is along the energy lines to soothe muscles and stimulate the blood flow. Foot Reflexology - this massage stimulates the cupressure points of the foot and helps to "energize" the body organs. Thai Herbal Oxygen & Ozone Therapy helps to detoxify the body through heat, help to improve circulation and skin detoxification.

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