Fitness Center

Physical exercise is very important for our wellbeing. Exercise is a well organized movement activity which goal is to improve our physical fitness. Scientific research has confirmed that movement therapies play a crucial role for a healthy life.

Exercise helps to improve your cardio-respiratory system, to increase your muscle strength/ power and endurance, to release mental tension, to stimulate bone growth, to increase the efficiency of your immune system and to slow down the progression of all chronic diseases.

Everybody should practice some movement therapy everyday to stay healthy. Especially, elder and all chronic disease patients should exercise more than anybody else.

How we can keep fit?

At our Fitness center our professional Personal Trainer can evaluate through a Physical Fitness test the fitness level of your body systems including cardiorespiratory system, muscle strength and power, body composition, flexibility and specific test for someone who have specific problem. It is very important for everyone especially people who have health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, musculoskeletal disorders, neurological disorders or in special person such as elder person, obese person and disabled person.

The test helps our Personal Trainer to design the appropriate exercise program for you. Each program consists of one to one sessions at our Fitness center that is composed of a well-equipped gym, a swimming pool and a new hydrotherapy pool.

 What is the Physical Fitness test?

The Physical Fitness test checks the following physical parameters:

  • Cardiorespiratory system: Pulse, Blood Pressure, Breathing, Blood Oxygen
  • Body composition: Body Mass Index, Waist:Hip ratio, Body Fat Composition
  • Body Flexibility: Upper and Lowwer extremity
  • Muscle strength/Power and endurance: Upper and Lower Extremity
  • Posture and Gait

How to prepare yourself before the test?

Don’t eat anything before the test minimum 1 hour. Wear your sport clothes and shoes [We have sport shoes for service]

Full Diagnostic Program

Full diagnostic program at Tao Garden Health Spa

  • Time (Minutes): 30
  • Price (Baht): 950

Physical fitness test is a program to check fitness level of our body systems including, cardio-respiratory system, muscle strength and power, body composition, flexibility and specialized tests for those who have specific problems. It is very important for everyone especially who have health problems such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, musculoskeletal disorders, neurological disorders or in special person such as elderly, obese, disabled, etc. After the test, you could know your fitness level, what is your strengths and weaknesses for our personal trainer to help solve your problems and design the appropriate exercise program for you.

Progressively Accelerating Cardiopulmonary Exertion (PACE)

Progressively accelerating cardiopulmonary exertion at Tao Garden

  • Time (Minutes): 45
  • Price (Baht): 950

PACE means Progressively Accelerating Cardiopulmonary Exertion and can help you to improve your fitness level quickly ,to lose weight, to increase your muscle strength/ power, and to improve your cardio-respiratory system.

Weight Training

Weight Training at Tao Garden the Best health spa in thailand

  • Time (Minutes): 45
  • Price (Baht): 950

Weight training is effective for improving muscle strength and endurance.

Stretching Exercise

Stretching exercises provided by Healing Tao Garden

  • Time (Minutes): 45
  • Price (Baht): 950

Stretching is good for improving the flexibility and for preventing the risk of muscles, tendons and ligaments injuries.

Water Exercise

Water exercises in Tao Garden pools

  • Time (Minutes): 45
  • Price (Baht): 950

Water exercises can improve cardiorespiratory system, muscle strength, balance, flexibility, bone growth. It is a safe way to work with people that are overweight, old people and with those that have joint problems.

3 Cycle Training Program

3 cycle training program by mantak chia

  • Time (Minutes): 60
  • Price (Baht): 1250

It includes an integral warm-up session followed by weight training that focuses on the large muscles groups and interval training to stimulate fat burning. Our personal trainer will guide you in all the three sessions, while monitoring your heart rate to adjust exercise intensity.

healing tao garden health spa and resort
best healing spa in thailand master chia 3 step exercise

Sports Area

At the Fitness center there are other sports facilities where guests can enjoy playing tennis, badminton, basketball and table tennis.

“Free Exercise Consultation after Physical Fitness Test 

 Exercise Programs
   Full Diagnostic Program: Check for Physical Problems
and Assess Fitness Level
60 Min
        THB 950
a. Pulse, blood pressure, BMI, waist ratio.
b. Percent body fat. [Skin-fold technique]
c. Flexibility test [legs and shoulders]
d. Muscle strength and endurance:
(upper extremity, lower extremity and trunk)
e. Lung Function Test (Spirometry Test)
f. Cardiovascular System
(Treadmill test; 12 minute run test, 1.5 mile run test)
g. Special tests for specific areas.
   Progressively Accelerating Cardiopulmonary Exertion program or PACE
45 Min
        THB 950
PACE can help you improve your fitness level quickly and help you
lose weight, increased your muscle strength power, increase immunity
and improve your cardio-respiratory system.
   Weight Training Programs
45 Min
        THB 950
a. Program to improve strength.
b. Program to increase bulk-size.
c. Program to increase power.
d. Program to improve endurance.
   Stretching Exercise Program
45 Min
        THB 950
Improves flexibility in muscles, tendons and joints throughout the body
(Includes free stretching manual)
    Water Exercise Programs
45 Min
        THB 950
a. Water exercises for specific conditions (knee pain, back pain)
b. Water aerobic exercise (Sculpt, firm and lose weight with PACE concept)
c. Water Yoga. (Improve flexibility and promote relaxation)
d. Watsu (Whole body relaxation of muscles, joints and the mind)
   Yoga Exercise Programs
60 Min
        THB 950
Holistic approach balances the physical, mental and spiritual
  Vibration, Power plate and Trampoline
45 Min
       THB 950
 Vibration, Power plate and Trampoline
  Bamboo Exercise
45 Min
       THB 950
Improve mobility and flexibility of upper and lower extremities while
increasing strength and improving cardiovascular health.
   Mixed Programs
60 Min
        THB 1,250
Stretching, strength, and cardiovascular with PACE concept
   3 Cycle Training program
60 Min
        THB 1,250
It is a combined of 3 most importance of exercise program
which composed of;
a. The foundation is an integral warm-up sessions to stimulate your body
body to ready for any workouts.
b. Grunt and growl supersets is a weight training program that focuses
on your largest muscle usingand easy to stimulate the endocrine system
(hormone) and protein synthesis.
c. Grizzly bear intervals is a interval training program to stimulate
your body to burn fat in very short time and more effective.
   Sport knocker

30 Min

60 Min
       THB 330
THB 550
Tennis, Badminton, Table tennis, Boxing etc.
  Outside place exercise program (Mae Kuang dam)
90 Min
        THB 1,250
By Mountain bike ~ 20 min. from Tao-Garden
   Trekking and hiking (Mae Kuang dam)
120 – 150 Min
        THB 2,500
Trekking and hiking Mae Kuang dam

1. Please book programs at the gym with Physiotherapist/ Personal Trainer or Pakua Clinic.
2. Please make you sure you know all the details before starting your program. [Have any question or more detail please contact with Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer.