Tao Yin Chi Breathing

The heat of the body can release in the woods absorbed by nature but artificial environments cannot absorb the body heat; the body heat is trapped and cannot be released causing disease and heart attack. So you need to release the body heat or body will overheat burning up the internal organs (disease) by deep breathing moving the heat out of the body.

The Psoas muscle connects & moves the hips, spine & legs; all movement of Tai Chi Chi Kung comes from the Psoas muscle. The kidneys are connected to Psoas muscle & nerves are behind move it. The Psoas muscle is different from all other muscles, when you are relaxed it shortens & when you move it lengthens but problem is when you don’t move it is shortens, and does not grow. Eventually it shortens until you cannot move it & your body tightens up.


Guidelines for Eating

Foods with draining qualities such as aduki beans and alfalfa sprouts as especially useful in resolving Dampness in the lower abdomen, affecting the genitourinary system and colon. Dampness in the middle zone of the body which inclusion the Liver Gall Bladder and Stomach can be helped by bitter foods which dry Dampness such as endive and dandelion and pungent foods which break through Dampness such as the onion family. In the upper body, Phlegm in the Lung can be helped by pungent foods such as radish, garlic or mustard greens.