Powerful Blood Cleansing Ozone Therapy


Ozone therapies have been in use for a very long time and have a track record of being safe and effective. For more information please contact pakua@tao-garden.com

Mineral Hot Springs Therapeutic Massage

Hydrotherapy Mineral

Sulfuric mineral baths are well-known for detoxifying the body, improving circulation and rejuvenating the skin. 1 hour massage in the thermal bath. The hot springs are located in Sankhampang, about an hour drive from Tao Garden. Time required: at least 3 hours.

Detox Colon Hydrotherapy

detox colon hydrotherapy at tao garden

Colon detox and cleansing, using your choice of an open or closed system, helps to detoxify the large intestine, improve immunity and regenerate a good intestinal flora.


Liver & Gallbladder Flush (1-day)

Liver & Gallbladder Cleanse at tao garden health spa detox colon

Cleansing the liver and removing the gallstones dramatically improves digestion. You can expect your allergies to clear with each detox cleanse you do. It also helps eliminate shoulder, upper arm, and upper back pain. You have more energy and an increased sense of well-being.


Nose and Sinus Cleanse

nose and sinus cleanse at tao garden health spa and resort detox colon


Sinus cleansing removes accumulated inhaled toxins that cause allergies and nasal congestion. Consistent nasal detox cleansing is a great way to treat chronic allergies naturally.


Orthomolecular Therapy (vitamins & mineral)

Our doctors will prescribe a variety of oral or intravenous vitamins and other orthomolecular compounds to detoxify and re-balance the body.

Vitamin C 25 grams | Glutathione 600 mg | Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) | Silymarin (Legalon) | Heavy Metal Detox | Myer’s cocktail |

Detox Herbal Set


Foot Salt Scrub

detox colon

Foot Salt Scrub is a combination of a foot bath, massage and a vibration machine for improving the blood flow in the feet and lower legs.

Lymphatic Drainage & Zapper™

detox colon

This lymphatic drainage procedure works to mechanically stimulate lymphatic flow and physiological clearance of waste and toxins in the blood.

Lymphatic Massage

The therapist massages the lymph glands located just under the skin. The lymph is sensitive to a light touch. This massage promotes the drainage of toxins through the lymph system. (Note: this is a light-touch massage in order to promote drainage. It may feel like nothing much. This is to be expected.)


Full Body Far Infrared Sauna

detox colon

FIR can help cellular detoxification, improve energy production within the cell, and help the cell membrane to take in nutrients. It is also effective in reducing painful conditions. It is available, in the clinic, as a FIR dome (portable version) or FIR sauna.


Infrared Dome

Proven effective in clinical studies FIR can help cellular detoxification, improve energy production within the cell, and help the cell membrane to take in nutrients. It is also effective in reducing painful conditions. FIR dome (portable version) or FIR sauna help to opens up the skin pores as you sweat and detoxifies your cellular structure reducing any painful areas of the body.detox colon



Alkaline Bath

detox colon

During detoxification treatments, you may experience flu-like symptoms because your body is getting rid of its toxins. You can get relief from these symptoms by taking a bath using Epsom salts in a tub of warm water for 20 minutes. This bath opens skin pores and eliminates toxins. It is also an efficient way to restore acid-alkaline balance.

Thai Herbal Oxygen Ozone Steam

detox colon

The steam sauna helps to detoxify the body through heat, traditional Thai herbs and ozone. The treatment improves circulation and skin detoxification. At the end of the session, you cool down with pure oxygen.


UV Blood treatment

The blood is irradiated outside the body with UV light before being re-infused to the body. This treats chronic and acute infections, chronic fatigue syndrome and other inflammatory conditions.

Meridian Detox Therapy (cupping full body)

detox colon

In Chinese Medicine there are 24 meridians connecting the organs, the limbs, and the head. Toxic deposits along these meridians cause pain and eventually the malfunctioning of organs. The Meridian Detox therapy stimulates the flow of stagnant chi along the spinal cord and the “governor channel” to enhance balance and well-being.


Gua Sha

detox colon

Gua Sha is an essential modality of traditional East Asia medicine, defined as instrument-assisted unidirectional press stroking of the body surface that intentionally creates transitory petechiae representing extravasation of blood in the subcutis. Gua from Chinese means “to scrape”, Sha is the blood stasis. Gua Sha is indicated for myofascial pain relief.