65 year old Dr Angela Longo, Biochemist researcher UCB and Linus Pauling Institute, successful Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor 42 yrs. and oriental herbalist, founder and professor of accredited TCM College in Hawaii and Quantum Coach.

Dr Angela feels 28 pulse types in your 12 organ positions on your wrists, which mirrors how your “informotion” and energy (chi), blood, yin and yang are doing (or not doing) in the organ systems of your body/mind.
Your magical tongue map is read and put it together with any symptoms/relationships and/or dreams and daily events that you care to share with her. Together you create a list of some nutritional preferences and/or avoids based on what your intentions are and MORE:

Tayloring Nutrition to Maximize Your Awakening :
1) YOUR PERSONALBEING (BODY/BRAIN): A) Discussing the yin and yang of foods: the warming and cooling of foods, the acid and alkalinity of foods, the energy and blood-building action of foods, the yang direction as up and yin direction as down of foods/herbs…. as much or as little of this as you ask about.
B) Discussion of your five element/organ profile that contains secrets for good eating and well-being. Foods and herbs will be added to supplement the “Yin and Yank of it” as you desire.
C) Cleansing the wind, damp, cold and heat toxic blocks of awakening will be dealt with using Spa techniques. Detoxing your BATHWAVEs (Beliefs, Actions Thoughts Habits, Words, Attitudes, Values, and Emotions) with Mantak Chia’s 6 Healing Sounds and Heartwaving Chi Gung process feeling benefits instantly .

2) YOUR ETERNALBEING (THE QUANTUM WAVE APPEARANCE OF YOU AS MOTION) A) You are only motion, and as Mantak Chia’s chi gung teaches you are mostly a spinning motion like the famous ‘Microcosmic Orbit” and the spinning Pakua’s in organs… Basically you are an expansive pulsation of living. This motion is unique and identifiable and will be read for you.. It is an incode-decode key or bridge of your particular/universe-all-being. This reading takes a half hour and requires a list from you of things that you have accomplished that you are proud of. B) We discuss how you live this in every moment and see the way it nurtures the radiance of your pulsation from quantum equivalences. This nourishes the WHOLENESS of your particular-universalself.
3) YOUR UNIVERSALBEING (RESEQUENCING YOUR DNA) A) You are resequencing your DNA when you are living your universalself as you truly desire. Awarenesses are shared for knowing when you are not doing this from your life and dreams. Living this notable story of your life may be discovered if desired from daily events or dreams. “Stem Self” Chi Gung is shared.

3 hour session THB 3900 Full quantum transformation
2 hour session THB 2800
1 hour session THB 1500