Ultrasound therapy for muscle and joint pain

  • Time (Minutes): 30
  • Price (Baht): 1,200

Ultrasound is a therapeutic treatment that utilizes high or low frequency sound waves. These sound waves are transmitted to the surrounding myofascial tissues to release muscles tightness and spasm. The warming effect of the sound waves can decrease the inflammation by increasing the blood circulation in the irritated area.

Lumbar Traction

  • Time (Minutes): 50
  • Price (Baht): 1,500

Therapeutic spinal traction that stretches and mobilizes the spine to alleviate back pain.


Cold Laser

  • Time (Minutes): 30
  • Price (Baht): 1,200

It’s a therapeutic treatment that helps to decrease the inflammation in the affected area.


Dorn Method and Dorn Massage


  • Time (Minutes): 60
  • Price (Baht): 1,400
  • Time (Minutes): 60
  • Price (Baht): 1,400

The Dorn Method is based pm the correct of uneven leg length which can be
diagnosed in almost every human. Because of that the pelvis becomes twisted, this cause makes functional leg length discrepancy, and this often results in a asymmetrical, crooked or displaced spinal column. The Dorn Method uses motion to divert the muscles tension and in this relaxed state to re-align the bones. Include Dorn Massage (Breuss Massage). A very gentle spinal massage. It is a perfect combination with Dorn Therapy to stretch the spine a little more and energizes for heals the block.

Structural Bodywork

Structural Bodyworks at Tao Garden Health Spa and Resort

  • Time (Minutes): 80      Price (Baht) 4000
  • Time (Minutes): 60      Price (Baht) 2800

An effective hands-on treatment for chronic myofascial pain relief. Structural Bodywork is a system of soft tissues manipulations for re-organizing the balance and the movement of human body in the gravity field. Manipulations release chronic soft tissues tensions so that a proper re-alignment of the body structure becomes possible more quickly for long-lasting pain relief.


Local Ozone Therapy

  • Time (Minutes): Varies
  • Price (Baht): 700

Therapeutic ozone is administered locally (rectal, vaginal or dermal) for the treatment of pain, local inflammation and skin disorders.