Jutta Kellenberger
Senior Tao Instructor

In 1987 Jutta attended her first workshop with Master Mantak Chia, after having first enjoyed the practical guidance of Taoist Master Mantak Chia’s books. Ever since both she and her husband Walter practice the Universal Tao system, which led them in 1997 to live, work and teach at Master Chia’s center, the Tao Garden.
Jutta’s private classes:
– 2 days Introduction courses in CNT I, Iron I, Tai Chi I, Female Healing
– Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Cosmic Healing etc.(60 min)
– Female Healing Practice (4 hr) for 1 or 2 persons
– Chi Nei Tsang (4 hr) introduction  for 1 or 2 persons

Treatment: Chi Nei Tsang Treatment (55 min)

Please contact at Pakua Clinic +66(0) 5392 1211
Email: pakua@tao-garden.com

Walter Kellenberger
Senior Tao Instructor

More than 30 years since he and his wife Jutta have studied the practices of the Universal Healing Tao. They were trained personally by Taoist Master Mantak Chia for many years in Europe, USA and Thailand. Gradually his daily life became more aligned to the basics of the Taoist teaching until it became its calling. The title of senior instructor followed and the decision to offer courses worldwide came along. At the same time Walter has taught for 20 years with Master Chia at Tao Garden, Thailand.

Every day Private session are available for: Tai Chi Chi Kung I, II & III,  Meditation (Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds, Fusion etc.) Secret Taoist men’s sexual practices, Bone Marrow Nei Kung (Chi weight lifting). Iron Shirt Chi Kung, Tan Tien Chi Kung, Elixir Chi Kung

Every May and November weekly course on Men Health, New Lifestyle with UHT Basic and Tai Chi. Please check in the website: www.taoyoga.info

Please book at Pakua Clinic. Contact +66(0) 5392 1211
Email: pakua@tao-garden.com

Colin Drown
Certified Instructor

Colin is UHT Certified instruction. Meditation, Chi Kung, Healing Love. Tantric Teacher for singles and couples. Vivation Offer 2 hrs THB 3,600 per person | 3 hrs – Couple THB 4,000

P.S. Join Colin 7am Sunday mornings for a walk to the Lake. Check at Welcome Center.
Please contact at Pakua Clinic +66(0) 5392 1211
Email: pakua@tao-garden.com

Morakot Piyakesin
Certified Instructor

Our mind can be used in many different ways to create healing for the body. In this private class, we explore possibilities of the mind through meditation techniques of the Thai Buddhists, Tibetans to Taoists.

Morakot Piyakesin is a cancer survivor and a UHT instructor who became one of the few Thai students of Master Mantak Chia since 2006.  She studies Diamond Body Meditation with Dr. Mano Mettananda Laohavanich and has been assisting him in teaching cancer patients in Bangkok since 2005.  She has also studied with Sogyal Rinpoche, the author of “ The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying ”

Healing Meditation 60 min offer for one THB 1,800 & two persons THB 3,000

Interested? Want to ask price and more info?
Please contact at Pakua Clinic +66(0) 5392 1211
Email: pakua@tao-garden.com

Elena Wagner

Dolphin ways, and dolphin waves.
Dolphins always live in the Alpha brainwave state, which humans have as children under five years old, and when in meditation and prayer.

Dolphinity Massage Treatment involves elements of soft yoga massage, pulsing, Sufi, Reiki and other techniques of body work, combining Oriental and Western methods.
It helps to release all tension and returns you to the condition of ‘Here and Now’. It helps to connect Body and Consciousness, and to take you deeper into your Subconscious, as well as Alpha and Theta brain waves.

Recommended for those who seek deep relaxation and recovery, to clear stress, wake up intuition and get a new experience of connection with their body.
Please wear comfortable clothes (like for sport or yoga).
For them, who want to go deeper, we offer Ajna Light session after Dolphinity Massage Treatment.

This massage method is based on the practice of MNUSHI® . It was very well received at 1st International Dolphinity Festival (Tenerife, 2015).

Dolphinity Massage Treatment (DMT)

90 min (DMT) = 2800 THB

Please book in advance at Pakua Clinic
Email: pakua@tao-garden.com

White Tiger Qigong – Tevia Feng (available Sept. 2017)

White Tiger Qigong – Tevia Feng has been training martial arts, qigong and meditation since the age of 7.  Since then, he has lived in China studying in over 40 forms of Qigong and Gongfu including Baguazhang, 5 Elements, Xingyi, Taiji and more.  He also studied at several Taoist monasteries and temples to learn Golden Elixer Qigong, Medical Qigong and more Tevia is also a certified Medical Qigong teacher and authorized by the Tian Ji Dao Daoist Sect.

Private classes Medical, Bagua, 5 Element Qigong Exercise 60 min $150
Outgoing Qi therapy 60 min $200

Retreats: Medical Qigong Teacher and Qigong Intensive Training – Week 1 – Level I (Feb. 6-11) | Week 2 – Level II (Feb. 13-18) | Week 3 – Level III Teacher Training (Feb 20-25) Tuition fee $990 per week, $2790 for 3 weeks accommodation not include.

Please contact at Pakua Clinic +66(0) 5392 1211
Email: pakua@tao-garden.com

Mal Weeraratne (available July 2-10, 2017)

Founder of Tantric Journey – School of Healing and Awakening
Author of Emotional Detox through bodywork

Fee for private sessions: THB 12,000 Each session is 3 hours
Book at Pakua Clinic at Tao Gardens or contact Mal for more information

Mal is the British Pioneer in the area of Emotional Detox through Tantra – Bodywork, who has studied in various accredited institutes under pioneers and experts earning him the accolade of being the first Certified Tantra Educator in the UK, from Source School of Tantra, U.S.A. Mal has worked in the field of Emotional Detox since 1994, and has treated over 3000 from all walks of life spanning across U.S, Europe, U.K and U.S.A. Mal teaches women how to take control of their sexual energy within their bodies to remove trauma stored in the form of emotions using ancient knowledge and practices that are combined with new ground breaking insights to create an engineered trauma release technique called Tantric – Bodywork for Emotional Detox. The Tantric – Bodywork is performed to heal past trauma such as sexual, physical and psychological abuse that is stored in the body’s cellular memory. It is in order to change the body’s valence from negative to positive to attract positive emotions, positive thoughts, positive decisions and positive experiences to feel joy and happiness.

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