Karsai Massage: what is the big deal about massaging our sexual organs?

Karsai Genital Massage

Ask a proper Thai woman, she would just giggle upon hearing the word karsai or karsai massage and, of course, she would say no to it. I have heard about this massage before and imagined that it was probably a massage for prostitutes for some Pat Pong performers in training.

I bravely tried karsai genital massage for the first time while I was taking the Female Healing Course at Tao Garden to complete the whole understanding about female sexuality. Karsai was not at all what I had imagined. It was more like a tiny chi nei tsang massage around the genital and inside the vagina. The therapist looked for lumps or crooked sen or line of ligaments and tried to smooth them out. It was not at all ‘sexual’ and during the massage it was neither ‘orgasmic’ nor particularly pleasant either. Let’s say that it was as unpleasant as when we got our first chi nei tsang (massage of the abdomen) and it got more pleasant as we cleared out the problems. Karsai genital massage also resembled a miniature Thai massage or reflexology or foot massage in our sexual organs.

It has dawn on me that our sexual organs are just organs which are connected to other organs. According to Chinese medicine, one organ can reflex the rest of the organs in the body, like the feet, the ears and the abdomen. We don’t massage the feet just to relax them but to reflex the points on them to send energy to the entire body. Some acupuncture doctors use the points in the ear to help digestion, to stimulate the stomach. While massaging our sexual organs will directly improve and fix their functions, for example lifting the sagging uterus, massaging them can release tensions in the other areas in the body. Karsai has tremendously helped release the tight muscles in my legs which is mainly the reason I have been getting it. The most amazing thing about karsai massage is that since the sexual organs are connected directly to the brain, this massage gives us energy boost in the brain instantly. We come out the massage room full of bliss and a ‘miniature enlightenment’ with our thinking cleared and emotions balanced, not in a blurry sexual way as one would have imagined it.
Breasts, ovaries, uterus and vagina are just organs that need attention and to be taken care of. Women can spend a lot of money and time to get a facial to look good but why not a karsai massage to feel good? It is the matter of understanding and a little bit of courage.

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